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"...comme une série avec des épisodes que vous ne voulez jamais arrêter de regarder ou de lire."
"A beautiful story about two brothers and their different paths. The author brings the story to life with vivid descriptions interwoven with historical fact."

Two brothers grow up on the Jewish streets of Warsaw. At the turn of the twentieth century, Adolphe leaves to seek work and start a family in Switzerland.

Marcus moves east, inspired by his Communist beliefs. In Moscow, he is arrested and exiled.

They would never see each other again. 

A hundred years later, Marcus’ great-granddaughter, Nadia Ragozhina rediscovers the missing part of her broken family and pieces together the stories hidden for generations. 

Love and separation, hope and paranoia – the lives of the patriarchs, their daughters and granddaughters are set against the Russian Revolution, Stalin’s repressions, the persecution of Jews across Europe and the Second World War. Worlds Apart is a rare portrayal of the tumultuous events of twentieth-century Europe, seen through the eyes of six women who fought for the survival and happiness of their families.

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Worlds Apart Nadia Ragozhina
Worlds Apart Nadia Ragozhina
Worlds Apart Nadia Ragozhina
Worlds Apart Nadia Ragozhina
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Worlds Apart Nadia Ragozhina
Worlds Apart Nadia Ragozhina

About the author


Nadia Ragozhina was born in Moscow and moved to the UK in 2000. She is a senior journalist at BBC World News and has also worked for BBC World Service Radio and France 24 in Paris.

Nadia writes and blogs about sustainability and zero waste living, which, other than books and her family, is her passion in life. She lives in London with her husband and three daughters.

Worlds Apart is her first book.  


Behind the scenes

Photographs are a medium like no other. They give us an opportunity to catch glimpses of the past and imagine the lives of our ancestors. We can see what they wore, how they styled their hair and how they carried themselves. Here you will find the Neyman/Neuman family archive with lots of photos of Adolphe, Marcus and their descendants

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