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Worlds Apart: The Journeys of My Jewish Family in Twentieth-Century Europe

Media coverage 

Nadia Ragozhina, réunion de famille

Le Temps, 22 June 2023 

La Londonienne relate dans un livre comment elle a retrouvé une partie de sa famille en Suisse. Histoire de deux frères polonais, l'un expatrié à Genève au début du XXe siècle, l'autre à Moscou

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Два Разлученных Мира

Nacha Gazeta, 7 June 2023

Так можно перевести на русский язык название книги, написанной Надей Рагожиной по-английски, а теперь вышедшей в переводе на французский - презентация прошла в Женеве. 

Russian-Western-Jewish family was split by wars, book tells their story

The Jerusalem Post, 17 February 2022 

The author’s forensic research uncovers a gripping tale of a family dynasty divided by war and ultimately reunited generations later.

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Nadia Ragozhina Brings Together Her Family in 'Worlds Apart'

The Moscow Times, 20 December 2021 

Two brothers took different paths, dividing their families for nearly a century.

Separate lives

Camden New Journal, 28 January 2021

In Holocaust Memorial week, Dan Carrier is greatly engaged by the diaspora story of Nadia Ragozhina’s Jewish family

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The Road Not Taken: The Divergent Paths of Two Jewish Brothers From Fin De Siècle Warsaw

Haaretz, 22 December 2020

In a touching family memoir, Nadia Ragozhina weaves together a story spanning Soviet gulags, Nazi death camps, a Swiss watch factory and Mandatory Palestine. The Russian­­-born Londoner recounts her own odyssey and ponders the niggling question: What if....

Worlds Apart by Nadia Ragozhina

The Dabblers' Book Club, 17 December 2020

Ever wondered what life would've been like if one ancestor had made a slightly different decision? Well, BBC World journalist and TV producer Nadia Ragozhina saw all the possibilities in her research for her family memoir, Worlds Apart. She discovered  a web of incredible stories from two cousins finally united almost a century after their fathers left turn-of-the-century Warsaw. One brother left for Switzerland, the other for Russia.  Nadia joins us to talk about two of her favourite novels, 1Q84 and A Little Life, and what it was like writing her fascinating book. Don't miss this episode!!


Book tells of a divided Jewish family’s journeys through the 20th century

The Ham & High, 30 November 2020

A Camden author has told her family’s story of being reunited after a century divided by war and repression

My secret Jewish family is reunited

The Jewish Chronicle, 27 November 2020

Growing up in Russia, talking about her Jewish heritage was taboo. But when Nadia Ragozhina came to London she was free to investigate her family history

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Два брата две судьбы

New Style Magazine, 24 November 2020

Два брата выросли на еврейских улицах Варшавы. В начале двадцатого века их пути разошлись. Адольф уехал в Швейцарию – подальше от погромов, в поиске заработка. Маркус положил взгляд на Москву, доверясь своим коммунистическим идеям и мечтам о лучшей жизни. В будущей советской столице его арестовали и приговорили к ссылке. Братья больше никогда уже не встретятся.

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Знакомьтесь: Надя Рагожина — писатель, журналист и продюсер на BBC World News

Zima Magazine, 20 November 2020

Переехала в Лондон в возрасте 15 лет с родителями и сестрой. Закончила школу на юге столицы, после чего начала стажироваться в компании Би-би-си, поскольку с детства увлекалась журналистикой. Сегодня работает продюсером на BBC World News, увлекается экоактивизмом и презентует свою первую книгу Worlds Apart: The Journeys of My Jewish Family in Twentieth-Century Europe, в основу сюжета которой легла удивительная история ее семьи, распавшейся под натиском событий XX века. 

Fleeing Dunkirk: A 1940 holiday in hell

BBC News, 15 July 2017

Christopher Nolan's World War Two thriller Dunkirk hits the screens in the US and the UK this month, dramatising the daring rescue of 300,000 Allied troops from the approaching German army.
But as they escaped across the English Channel, thousands of civilians were left to fend for themselves. This is the story of one family.

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